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Our Beginnings 

Here we reveal the history of what is sure to once again become one of Atlanta’s most treasured neighborhoods: 

Westview is a historic neighborhood located in southwest Atlanta, Georgia. As you drive around the neighborhood you will notice a mixture of home architectural styles including Craftsman Bungalow, Tudor, The American Foursquare, and Ranch-Style. Most of these homes date back to early 1900's. 

Westview's bordering streets are I-20 and Derry Avenue to the north, Langhorn Street and Cascade Avenue to the east, Beecher Street to the south, and South Gordon Street and Westmeath Drive to the west. Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard runs through the Westview neighborhood and houses a small historic commercial village center at the corners of East Ontario Avenue, Inman Street and Lucile Avenue.

Westview At A Glance:  

  • April 1888: 200 acres was purchased with the goal to convert the land into a residence park to be known as "Westwood Park." This becomes the Westview we know today.  
  • February 1910: "Westwood Park" never materialized so the land was sold and renamed "West End Park" 
  • 1910: The first portion of "West End Park" is annexed into the Atlanta City Limits 
  • 1950: The final portion is annexed into the Atlanta City Limits
  • West End Park simply becomes known as Westview, presumably due to its proximity to the adjacent Westview Cemetery
  • 1974: Westview Community Organization is founded
  • 2005: Westview Community Members played an active role in developing the BeltLine Master Plan
  • December 2005: Westview was chosen to be the neighborhood of the month by the Atlanta Development Authority
  • 2006: Westview Community Members played an active role in developing the West Lake LCI Study and the Campbelltown-Cascade Corridors Redevelopment Plan 
  • 2010: Westview Community Members played an active role in developing the BeltLine Abernathy-Cascade Master Plan
  • 2008: WCO executive committee recognized the importance of planning to encourage future development of the neighborhood, and begun the planning process for the Westview Master Plan.
  • 2011: Westview Community members developed the Westview Master Plan that ties together all previous Master Plans and allow more detailed input from community members. The officially adopted plan would allow the neighborhood to strive towards its development goals and provide project guideline to the city when funding becomes available for such projects.
  • 2017: Westview was the runner-up for the title of “Neighborhood of the Year” in the 2017 Curbed Cup! Quite an accomplishment, given that this was Westview’s first time making the cup rounds.
  • September 2017: Atlanta BeltLine's Westside Trail was officially opened to the public. 
  • February 2018: Westview had the honor of gracing the cover of Atlanta Magazine’s February issue. The cover story is about hot neighborhoods that are walkable and affordable. Take a look for yourself: Where to Live Now in Atlanta 2018: Westview.
  • February 2019: 7 spots were recognized as a best-kept secret and Westview Atlanta is home to one of those locations - the Westside Beltline. Discover more best-kept secrets: 7 Best-Kept Secrets in ATL's Favorite Neighborhoods.
  • March 2019: Atlanta Magazine recognizes the Rise of Southwest Atlanta Food Scene. Make sure you stop by and support our neighbors: The Rise of Southwest Atlanta's Food Scene. 
  • May 2019: Georgia State University students teamed up with Westview Community Organization's Engagement and Development team to create an oral history of Westview: Learn More.
  • December 2020: The work of the "Westview Votes" Committee was highlighted in the Atlanta Journal Constitution: Westview Votes

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